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helping hand. we take a look at trentham on the life in china. high taxes the magazine published a global pact misery index in two thousand and three china the country. i applied for in the world. with the chinese government's right to defend the continuing debate topic twenty percent of the report recently the chinese academy of sciences published report about china's appetite for per capita. the black theater the chinese to think wellpoint i truly feel that it wasn't until the new colors. that number by the cooked to one point three billy to people and each time he didn't have to think about the rent. the government six hundred us dollars in taxes and teacher. in an isolated organization. based on their average income of chinese did it and get down to one hundred per couple. the tape was that people will go to that. something that the chinese government is reluctant to admit it. now the people know it. when polls are open to replace the tax burden. and with that the article pointed out into the boot button. the chinese government. the dublin thousand us dollars the number of developed
in all areas. the premier this that some key areas administrative systems tax the financial sector role and ownership household registration and social welfare. the cats and plants to streamline government structures and the monkeys play a decisive role the talking footy in the world has been set at seven point five percent lower than last year's seven point seven percent. emily says the government will maintain a reasonable pace of gdp roles. well continuing to improve role econs deficiency and reduce negative side effects. many believe the continued joy for reform would mean slower but more sustainable long term role one key factor to that change will be held successfully china shipped from the investment and export field role was to increase domestic consumption the government is also determined to love the headline grabbing the issue of air pollution by introducing stricter emission controls. and there was a strong emphasis on goal in the premier's speech. we will fully implement the basic strategy of law based governments to act in accordance with the all in all our government work
on supporting the middle class then reducing the budget deficit through higher taxes for the bench. he's apparently during the midterm congressional elections in november. obama is calling for more works projects such as repairing roads and railways. he also aims to boost employment by introducing more vocational training. his proposals include tax cuts for lower income people and better pre school education. spending is set to slightly exceed three point nine trillion dollars while revenue is expected to increase to more than three point three trillion dollars as an economic recovery boost tax income. obama says the budget deficit will decline to five hundred sixty four billion dollars the lowest level in his presidency. we go to the side of the road you squeeze the middle class or for going to continue to reduce the deficit is responsible for all taking steps to grow and strengthen the middle class. republican house speaker john bain are strongly criticized the draft he said it was the most irresponsible. he said it would only increase spending and borrowing expanded governments and
and suspended from office we plunged into further turmoil thai society is split between tax and supporters most bbc populace rule areas texan groups largely made up of people from the lead to the urban middle class. and by instinct was to climb the political landscape in thailand. a grenade exploded on wednesday at a tv station in bangkok. nobody was hurt but a series of explosions last week after five people including four children sony's own province on the island of sumatra have declared a state of emergency due to the east. even though the clearing at large while but there are complying officials at indonesia's national disaster agency status mom has covertly our province for several weeks reality is a major source of palm oil. these and really felt was the one km on thursday. reuters says the prophet authorities in the region have canceled the plan for its apple flights. health officials see more people are suffering from respiratory ailments the predicted to be the most communities that has blanketed the professor agreed to. it's rumored to be a fine crumbs and consists of respite program
. got a weak ridge of informants to initiate sing. the financial transactions tax once again which could cost the uk savers three point five billion pounds you have two sets and current on going it's hard to build construction seems to be very different. the uk has many more friends in around the world the nation review focusing the eu till the end gang. the world is danger in any of the law and it still boils down to this one was a little less you're up for the other wants a whole lot more of it. the service of the rt london. my attention and proclaimed by some as the mice to emo company in the wild has once again drawing fun. the study suggests rules. that means he likened the links to any toxic and deadly kidney disease. read more about the dangers links to the gym for its bridge is the law and also now what scientists astronomers discovered seven hundred and fifteen you've done it sounds outside the system was dumping the number one it's time to see the smiles on this story and while it was attainable figured why not. west indies well is now spreading beyond the capital caracas and h
believes that government spending should be cut taxes reduced in the conditions for medium size businesses improved according to some studies to pull to the peace multiple posts and thus the news that the wheat with a beak that the national identity of benjamin's more than one hundred thousand gbp it so we have to be a made bed that these two because by the duty of indignation we have to be among sixty per cent nickel alfonso is remembered from congo. several years ago he moved from france but cannot find a job and went to brussels. there he was lucky he is now an employee of the european parliament actual service. yep it's the pizza. it took me much time to find a job i have a family and i need to feed them. governments need to be able to manage the crisis well. this painting won't see the overall income the crisis will intensify. it was a challenge for me new peanut countries including belgium ah we going to be a bit to recall for and accepted that the leaven of golf team mom and two monty percent oh i'll be going to continue full many years seen a that he should stay true to groove mad
of the crisis the state believes that government spending should be cut taxes reduced in the conditions for medium size businesses improved according to some studies do for today piece multiple posts in and busted me is that the wheat with a beak that the national identity of benjamin's more than one hundred thousand gbp it so we have to be made that debbie who because of my duty if indignation we have to be among sixty per cent nickel alfonso is remembered from congo. several years ago he moved from france but cannot find a job and went to brussels. there he was lucky he is now an employee of the european parliament actual service. yep it's the pizza. it took me much time to find a job i have a family and i need to feed them. governments need to be able to manage the crisis well. this painting won't see the overall income the crisis will intensify. it was a challenge for me new peanut countries including belgium ah we going to be a bit to recall for and accepted that the leaven of golf team mom and two monty percent oh i'll be going to continue full many years seen a that he should st
of the cnet to make it to him and ended up using the taxes for ninety second pop over here to do without a hint eight years old had an offer of corning. despite conceding a goal chelsea manager lorraine year says he's not the particular diet. some other things that have two chances this post the rules we have five we score one and this is not a critique group of strikers like sometimes people. the sink is just as all of the profile of team would have rated in the eurozone to be amenable to make is to cycling in nineteen ninety eight. you know the routine daily and you can cost you more wiring than the result was the fact that they were never able to stand in the greek town in sarawak for the chairs around expects the economy to a new reed has anyone seen the one that many by going to announce today that it is by the parentheses and david moyes still has full confidence in the polluted due to failed. the road to the united to united's defeat and yet no comment. it will be no prize this is not a single win just like announced at a brisk having their teams in the european top thanks to a ty
' work experience. so it's just the first step to getting on the ladder. this is what typical anti tax payments titanic. when you've got to find a job aforementioned doesn't cause all of what the company filed but toughness and now. melbourne cbd fun so i had to stop again. still some way to go for the job says the plant until a man on the throne next week. she may cause the fourteen years nineteen ten. silent recruits working to come back through isolation has called on governments to end the economic policy of closing rural country stations and post offices. ha its compound in virtual isolation of older people in rural areas. rage active center six minute break in county clare formally opened today providing a day care service for vulnerable and auschwitz hundred people in the surrounding villages that can moderate the kitchen and craft show. people like sixty eight rolled the dough to the maxwell who lives alone and says the service was bad he needed to have her and other older people not feel isolated seconds left on its own line of him. i don't need to be coming here to be on hand
to submit the results of the transfer of tax administration from the customs authorities to fiscal once within ten days all employees of local tax services have become cabinet officials said the prime minister. this leads to an increase in soon open ocean fraudulent schemes pt refund delays and other problems that occurred budget losses but if you look at that moment to admit that i cannot fit into the main causes are the new ship is frosting that i even added tax system azerbaijan has achieved sharp reductions in the sphere introducing a special bt account. we made seven trips there to learn about this experience we believe that this time has come we can now introduce it to the legislation level this year but we would introduce an organization level by two thousand fifty three two thousand sixteen and pilot mode and then we can carry out this work on a full scale in addition electronic invoices will be introduced in july first two thousand fourteen. this will be on a voluntary basis for a while this will greatly simplify the doing business for hundreds of yours. we recommend introducin
of the eastern ukraine them not to seek legal fees that area for taxes managed to find it and to the painting that was usc's to have for almost a week at times raised and russian flight and it was accompanied by clashes in short season several people reportedly were aged in another seat in the astral the center of the eastern part of ukraine. don't ask local sources claimed they will not abate see it and the bad taste that of for a referendum over the region stages to be held in the new race t shirt. russian border guards hundreds came to town to visit in pasta and then rest and the ukrainian compass help me shed some light on what was really happening in kiev in recent weeks we are in any of those that often didn't see much use as there were many foreigners it might dampen i can even give you a rough numbers. there were about sixty americans who still lack the tools of germans thirty to forty of them polls and senators to vote on offshore how many of the americans will by far the most active. the world's emissions from oil and the ukraine. people with anchovies that education they came becau
they are studying when and where to hold the meetings to explain what's going on. the sales tax in tibet is going up from five percent eighteen percent next month and people have been rushing to car dealerships. before the tax hike pushing up on all sales to double digit growth for six months in a row. dealers groups say new vehicle sales totaled more than five hundred sixty five thousand units in february as an increase of about eighteen percent from a year earlier dealers attribute the game to the consumers last man to rush to buy them though. they say in record snowfalls last month cut into sales officials of the japan automobile dealers association expected demand that the counts and that is because people have to complete purchases by mid march to get new cars registered before the tax goes up. the head of the us commerce department group says on manufacturing the renaissance of sorts is now underway in this country in the mists of a shale gas bill and he has called on japanese businesses to step up investment. so like usa executive director of the night to milan to lead made the comments in an
no program with one general question is not some bucks to a tax haven and most things change. what is your view on this. those things must change. you know that christ is where we need money to reinvest to create jobs for four young people in europe. we cannot sustain least one scholars and billion of tax evasion. since it's not the only nuts and bolts of luxembourg has also plates to be coatings is tax evasion. we soon you'll go home and the greens also pop in the reader at the mall opened knowledge to provide built in ftp changes information when it comes to clients of the bangs. we read that the open two to agree to a two assists as the text are active. where will only be a senior this savings to the text bubbles most sophisticated financial products and phoebe also move on the taxation of multinationals a single stream in luxembourg everybody understands that you use an open book so i spent the seven though such that the sound effects and it's a multinational who sells also meets debts to pay to eat eyeballs feel to it that says he's a lawyer competition and so we need to text multinat
that is completely trumped up in terms of its pre tax. it's really a nineteenth century behavior in the twenty first century you just don't invade another country on phony pre tax. in order to assert your interests global whatever way is there a ways to deal with this. and and a president knows that his own sons in the schools. recently the us including awesome preparations for the g eight summit to be held in the russian city of saatchi in june. british foreign secretary william payne coupon sites to avoid conflict lainey take ukraine sovereignty. reports this moment of escalating tension i think russia will see increasingly over the coming days the very strong bones the us around the world by many many nations. and i hope that that direct communication between the two countries will do is take place. p and tory ministers to hold emergency talks and to all schools on monday amongst the well being is that the calling up the president on inefficient is that the judgment also angle on local hero stood to president region the day on today and expressed views on what she called russia's unacceptable int
jared allen. like many pro athletes your taxes actually doing something for society with this nfl fame and fortune. he is providing homes for turning the wounded u s veterans good job mr allen generally for some reason wealthy people don't do much to help other people besides giving money to charity to get some sort of tax free kick back with the wheel is helping other people out is actually in the best interest of rich guys to say whatever to stop to think about amish horse all mega wealthy that you believe in total isolation your going to have to deal with the west the people in your country and the better off that never dies is the less likely he is going to be the steal from you to get bought. al's work is fantastic because it gets better and out of the desperate situation returning home wounded trying to struggle to find work in a bad economy and treat their wounds of a massively over expensive medical system piano playing is a drop in the pocket for the over twenty million american servicemen will come back home which shows that a wounded veteran with a place to live at a much be
or more he fought alongside the militants and prides itself on custody giving free tax in killing a number of russian soldiers. he's been accused of organizing an assassination attempt on a private party member and was convicted of kidnapping a business from imposing concrete is one of the home of the spider left he ran for ukrainian parliament in twenty twelve and now stands at the helm of the country's nationalist movement. while the whereabouts of ukraine's ousted president the gimmick of experimental know him but he did release a statement suggesting he is in no mood to give up the fight to hold on to pile on as an excuse to ski reports. unocal this saga has largely resembled a hollywood thriller something along the lines of catch me if you can see fled to the cranium capital five days ago offset a huge outbreak of violence here. ever since his conduct his whereabouts and an unknown sum of its speculating that he is a team that is still in ukraine and the new ukrainian power in kiev were quick to brand him as criminals a slap or want to attack on him and to declare him as a fugitive b
gigantic problems political instability and billions in tax and the most severe test of the new government could be the situation in crimea the peninsula and the south of the country enjoys the status of an optimus republic and has an ethnic russian majority. hood's trust the new pro european leadership in tn the above so i painted it and wants to see jaime response of ukraine they will have to do a lot to persuade the crimean people with good content. remember the titans times we all had together under one piece and you want to be together with russia. in the morning armed men seized the parliament building in st fl for and race the russian flag since then the government district has been sealed off. there's no time to waste for the new prime minister. he convened the first cabinet meeting immediately after taking office. and crimea was at the top of the long agenda the street to correspond in this scene can do is standing by for sins and cheryl cole will see an eu ban and cranny in parliament today the scene sound a chaotic what exactly has been going on. yesterday the order eighty one d
unprepared to nissan's pay taxes while trying to carry out the dt. on friday during his press briefing in the shire president ian are called hdd apologize for that a well equipped and armed include offices have had more local trails throughout them the initial cause by live ammunition and killed. i apologize to these courageous people who have stood up and soften. new mobile. mostly that they don't accept these apologies. at the end of the day which in flight the crew . it was not him personally we protect it. we tried to protect order to allow the state to function let her know that whatever i'm shooting to one of numerous beatings pieces on the team showing their backers in action. he keeps silent while our team rooney's the views you come see what these people hypocrites that the team was doing before they were arrested. what was going on there was a real ball. many experienced people with special training can tolerate that. once they witnessed lead to move on and stability the contest to win. d manhattan that could present an association believes that the warning signs with calm f
already able to put in a riot especially to a bit taxing them will be open to the weather outside any real intention to take action in the heat and ukraine the event that the ukraine new government to think that the farther than that the couple to have taken place in egypt and the key to the work for or provoke a target that by moscow the russian speaking population in the heat it up with ukraine. the majority of them according to the kitchen to cut the hope that in kiev the majority of the russian speaking ukrainian to know what. intervention from russia they did not invite the russian port and the people putting up russian type of administrative building in the heat of the russian and local people he kidnapped about to do that by the russians that the mind that the current ukrainian government is taking. can't stand those images that we were just seen at the sinhalese images shot by a team that some of which are located some twenty five km out to the side of a sudden fair call. the release of russian commandos that surrounding essentially a ukrainian military bases that the latest image
and there is no way to start with. you just don't invade noer country on phony pre tax. in order to assert your interest will be interviewing never asked and what about iraq. what about constant threats to use force coming from washington during the sunday into secretary kerry was also asked about israel about an incident that gambles upcoming visit about the peace process. of course on those issues would hurt a very different secretary kerry careful diplomatic calling for negotiations. no appeals to the wind charter not to worry about israel breaking international on the us supporting it. to get a sense that the us is appealing to the un charter when it's in its interests and i wanted to visit any welsh fans washington should be offering lectures wellington based in hong kong pixel. there is no question either under the nineteen ninety four agreement on any sense of moral duty. any sense of national pride or simply as a matter of being a in the region that has the power to prevent chaos. there's no question that russia is within her right to protect these people in this plan absolutely no que
surrounded ukraine and the thirty bases. but the atmosphere is intended to be cotton content is a tax penalty is that i was just a few days ago. many people share of weapons the presence of ross and troops. and i see many know sometimes i do that in time. ranieri is on policy covering me the ring about sixty per cent of its premium rate stands out at the very awesome. many tell me that he and his head low of nine years integration into the awesome privilege they know that johnny the european union. the story of what we support russia we support in any way we can the us the ultra text layer and with my hands. i'm still in good shape the key the teacher instructed to carry you call and call roster. it's awesome and bits of russia's black sea free some ukrainian causes him to be effecting is the process the top navy commander has strong regions. suzanne o'connell s ukrainian government. in the meantime the country's indian government has not choose to draw some causes of you dating and oak pine crime you is it because of taxes and a vehicle on their fault reason westbound name sounds seem to be
sat down with the german economist karl heinz day for his view on which tax tolls to take the many comments from heinz tuckey who he's an expert on german unification said. if it weren't for me and a clear economic perspective his team preparing for the reunification of the korean peninsula. to do so with the city of twenty million. the whole metropolitan area for two million people. rising economy. so what's the border is open. north koreans poopy the move will come in great numbers. a man entered the league identities on tuesday. he said the korea us must begin by forming a currency union and transforming and privatizing government that north korean industrial sector. this process cost germany over two trillion us dollars. although there are varying estimates it's expected to cost to me at around three and half trillion dollars a tonne. he ensured that it will be money well spent the festival north of north korea. has it been quite a surprise moment to lose that and it was all the trade links with south korea has to europe and america. i think that all of the teachers who could t
td michael lowry for allegedly finding the correct tax returns is due to be served on him on the first of april next. services reported today that people are buying the case against the cd is ready. but as leader of the senses are seeking clarification on number of issues. mr barry of holy cross. carlos is charged with knowingly filing incorrect tax returns on dates and times and three and two thousand and seven miles was adjourned by consent the two semis or fences on the drive from prosecutions. the high court has approved an insurance settlement of one point four in the new rope in the case of the seven era guy who was brain damaged after a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition and her mother and the days before her bath. will the mccandless suit to her mother christina from the needy county county told the court was told christina mccandless should've been admitted to hospital immediately after nurses raised concerns about her blood pressure during an anti natal visits in march of two thousand and six. she later developed a serious condition. cf which result
's respect party and newly discovered evidence is now suggesting that it taxes father was executed ten years ago for killing his three daughters may have been innocent all along. cameron todd willingham was sentenced to death in nineteen ninety two u after being convicted of murdering his daughters by burning down the home they were and. however that was all according to our seven ounces. that was later discredited. but the conviction was also based on key testimony from a jailhouse informant. and now even that testimony is being put into question. so could this state has executed wrongfully convicted man that's exactly what the innocence project is taking a closer look at to discuss as i was going to earlier by a staff attorney at the innocence project bryce bench and i first asked him to explain it to discredit our son now says used in the case. yet it again this was the of the horrible fire that took place up just before christmas in nineteen ninety one. and the time the three willing and children were killed. i'm in a fire that was it initially on question time but then arson investigato
to offer bigger tax breaks for so called angel investors those who invest in start ups are traveling until investors would not be taxed for investments of up to fifty million won roughly fourteen thousand us dollars starting next year or two thousand seventeen the government also plans to provide financial support worth eight hundred eighty million dollars for five hundred small and medium size businesses every year starting in two thousand fifteen pounds said that the government is drying up a package of measures aimed at easing regulations that have been active participation of private equity funds in the mergers and acquisition market. the government will go through the tasks in any economy related ministers meeting that takes place every week. also set up a separate task force team to monitor how well the past are being cheated. see you and yours. more koreans who were raised or even born abroad are returning to the homeland to make new lives for themselves. commonly referred to as composing koreans they now account for nearly fifteen percent of all foreigners in the country for connie
from both chambers of parliament adopted a resolution urging the government to maintain the tax he said negotiators from other nations understand that japan situation but he said that does not exempt or pan from taking action ahmadi said negotiators are urging japan to work toward a high level of trade liberalization. japanese trade officials plan to resume working level talks with the us soon. they hope to achieve a breakthrough before president barack obama visits japan in april the prices on wall street pulled back slightly on tuesday market sentiment was dampened by the league a series of us economic data which were weaker than most estimates the dow jones industrial average lost. i just bought a fifth of a percent to end at sixteen thousand one hundred seventy nine. what's the latest on the japanese markets in the gut seemingly at the chicken stock exchange illegal mining high the market starting the training session today twenty nine stocks are trading lower. and the opening levels for wednesday february st and seeks the nikkei was down zero point seven three percent at fourteen t
brother hates our former prime minister tax in two lots has divided thailand over the past decade. that ice administration into these policies favoring farmers which help them secure votes in the populace noise and ne ne is left behind but the nation's economic them the antique mn protesters any of the members of the urban middle class and the elites they see this should allow policies. i intend to buy votes and undermining time and finances you and i. also because of the dry ish many p chicken meat is no way says floating in the data sets that those who live around japan's largest freshwater lake having seen optical illusions when the weather turns cold and members of one group at the recording constraints and stacey. long in the middle of lake be wet the strange illusion the highway over the lake has risen into the air over giant black hole. moving across the water creates a mysterious paper trail. it is though they're floating in midair. rashes like this appear frequently on make the world. when the weather gets particularly cool wind meaning you. cd of all since it's at the ti
at work victoria andrea and tax the groceries before settling down to watch the news. she supports the piano covert and vladimir putin who she refers to as the strong hand of power. she voted for the recently ousted ukrainian president back in two thousand two and has remained loyal to him ever since even after a death in kiev. but you'll love these two girls and why should you be responsible for everything what about simple hundred and fifty mins of common to all the opposition politicians. they share that responsibility. you can get it cut to accommodate of them he offered them positions this station to solve the problems common to drop them on the street. will be a man afraid of their own medical finalist on the mind down. usually industry victoria watches tv whenever she can achieve erection broadcast or the ukrainian state channel she says chemical that should have cleared them i'd done as soon as demonstrators began to get it there. although seventy percent of people in the northeastern city of car keys voted for yanukovich in the last elections. there have been some smaller
in bludgeoning focused on taxes don't be a strong for the dotted line. i have an intense six soldiers were missing after a minute and small sticky is so unfair to a twenty two and on the security forces. on defense minister explain the more homely attended the funeral and the only other tropical fish and accept the company to continue its fight against the tiny blonde. it is a good deal. so the only nation i was a kid. although they do it on youtube. david is possible not that simple the only official. we did hall. i met one of the japanese. steve testy attended the funeral and still is i was there. stone oh i need the show i am not in setting up its gonna be a big issue is so not to try it out. our honor. laugh when he shot by margaret thatcher the company tests and the enforcement of the india but the pre dawn attack to peace. she visited the tulips chief of stuff seem like the new one. he is so it would not be punished. we were there to tidy it get mad just to sit in bed. and iain is ready to fight back and in fact that in spite of going on today because the wii since yesterday. it is g
consistently denied the claims credit and tax. yes the un policy chief and teach him on his said the biggest town in the country is facing is coming in this and he also said this on to defeat a strong contender against the cpc that ministerial candidates running to what the play begins on tuesday and this includes the move and she too was ahmad the body on our skin b. any dee was going and getting off course in edmonton into the trees in new delhi on monday that come in and isn't he so didn't understand that option. some of the couple have digested of every semester one. the garden this cuts out a magazine if adequate you'll be up to oakley but the good thing taken out of the low man on the potty like a family. what did you take the keys to the customer. the views of the work ethic and he pushed the toll that this canada cup title in security. but the semester he loses it the main intentions in the country have been the team appointed by the sparkling teeth and montages. the stock. don't get me to me. not green facade into an awesome model can be to send out the facade into a secluded beach
is paint a picture of the war with iran. people being taxed bleeding and killed. help me there are things she enjoys every day to call with difficulties of late. war is on paper helps hard to escape the violence of poetry and art on a boat on a beautiful drapes. the new family. is he all of this. she says she wants to become a professional artist juan de lint. i was trying to explain what's happened to know what's happening now the people will buy that goal are dealing with the fire bombs being dropped from the air above them. on the ground. sniper attacks and new cost of fighting life isn't easy. many here are just doing what they can to stop by. changi village go for an anti war. i let go see it. residents of bangkok are facing an increasingly volatile situation as anti government protests continue the latest incident saw shots fired early wednesday in parts of the downtown district concerns over the security situation are mounting across the capital with gunshots and sporadic explosions fast becoming the new norm for the city. no one was wounded in the shootings which happened near roa
see the know know where their tax money went. local militias are guarding the mansions to prevent anyone from vandalizing or stealing. one thing is clear. ukrainians want the revolution to do away with the extravagant and cry. this kind of ukraine's interim government wanted to clean it so that the old regime to police on tuesday when activists climbed on top of the parliament to remove the soviet star. there was no attempt to stop the activists the current crisis in ukraine started when unesco which ditched the eu treaty deal in favor of closer ties with its former soviet master russia. now let's talk about the eu and united states can help ukraine meet its financial obligations over the next three years the average ukrainians going to get rid of corruption and symbols of the old regime ukraine could be making a break with its text links chicken the democrats don't think gold is the longest serving congressman in us history and fifty eight years in office has announced his retirement from the house of representatives often to see it. our single first and to congress to finish his
on all the house of cards hit tv series on the second or two sided twelve people in the poll tax. the third reason i'm here simply is to show people that they're not alone so few people share their personal story so few people have something to relate to. i know that me and my wife saw someone like me talking about this it would probably make us feel a little less alone. brandon and his wife recently founded in our secrets our state to help price money on the way in its about the disease it's all worth it. okies climbed mount everest jump layouts to climb on a wing suit at school run jovial quinn has been getting in as much practice as possible. my contest dumped by the california going to name his wings to the toys telephone least at the ritz jump in night. the louisiana born dad double if the world record holder for the foster's every school in search of just knowing the hoff i was for his temple when i was like for all five tries to climb to the summit by less than ten minutes to get on down. you hope when we get to the top with a really good chance for working with the weathe
edging local councils to raise an extra hundred and fifty percent tax on houses that have been engaged in or rent it out in a thirteen games the critique state that's not enough the big disincentive. who did up aims to become the sun media sites and they're even changing the face of guns in his twenty s made the hats that are for antique items for every single hung his family in this country. because bureaucrats about two houses for everyone. this time still a bit to get this done this should be a residential area but it marked on it sold its its demoralizing is neither the hearings time and all of these properties does that relate to. people aka auntie mom and dad. off the brake and is the legendary larry king hero on teams in the room. the air eye. i am. judy cox the utah mother out of spite but an entire line of t shirts popular chain store at the local mall for you that you bought that was because she feels that the images of nearly naked women on them violate her local towns d c code. she wants to make it clear though that she feels the stores were to sell this type of shirt just
and there is no way to start with. you just don't invade another country on phony pre tax. in order to assert your interest will be interviewing never asked and what about iraq. what about constant threats to use force coming from washington. even though secretary kerry has not received those question basically cross the minds of those who saw the interview since when does the united states government change and even the subscribe and friends and family the concepts of solvency and over winter. it's the best clean up the nets at the moment succeeded with the backing militants with a border crossings in the north and east of the country thinking to admit its media assets leading to remain tight jeans. we're all basically didn't do that when they attacked serbia because fundamentally strong mexican artist co stars in the unilateral declaration of independence the united states government. it pays lip service to soften the contents of real integrity. it kicks into this during this sunday and his secretary kerry was also asked about israel about pregnancy and apple's upcoming visit to mt the peace pro
and pay taxes to the state. what started as a peaceful rally turned violent when pro russian activists cost with no was linked to the authorities in kenya with tear gas report abuse as well as books in stakes more than a hundred were injured as protesters managed to gain control of the administration building and even replace the ukrainian flag with the russian one. before saturday the administration of the hunter region building was protected by the so called self defense. off mike down now it is secured by the police forces and is still great deal of uncertainty as to who actually holds the power here other cities in the east and southeast adjusted against the typical logan's also showed their distrust of the new government with clear goals to hold a referendum on the region's faith which probably means separation from his rule. the un for pension reform the election of the government judicial reform the election of judges soulful gotten with justice really means. in case no claims or ignored them must be local referendums according to the internationally recognized want to self dete
it is not licensed to preach businesses responsible for obligations tax payments release of goods in compliance with laws according to the member of the mojo is representing the optional party it should be necessary to conduct a full audit of existing legislation and take on severn your code during moratorium is to put a wash of focus on the vulnerability of medium businesses. he really is that the last ten to make preference is for small businesses in general according to the mp the presidentnt's decree of introducing concrete measures to improve the conditions for the moment of entrepreneurship will contribute to the rapid growth of business in the country. the only diesel pollution. for those of you who tuned in. as it is noted recently the president instructed the national fun to locate one continue to support business bus operators have the unique opportunity to spend this money in a couple and i'm too difficult for vocals for the gills with which the blogs that you will but didn't use to it is true the technology the production of energy efficient building a terrace with a bow in the labo
into negative tax free in january of this real consecutive set this is a government ban on exporting raw materials. it's not seen much of the brain. in general talk to about fourteen point four billion dollars compared with imports of fourteen point nine billion dollars. i got this in about four hundred and fifty million dollars in duties as long relied on exports of natural resources including all and the fullest and foreign currency. i'm the only came into effect in january has disrupted trade. lol benz ag was a nickel back and sixty stringy other minerals that hath not the snow. it's a dress and tights indonesian companies default event processing industries of bed in his history the distance as the band is here to stay in the future we want to be no justin exports of raw materials. also on exports for the finished product. you go over and dignity. japanese farm in a sinful man o t she does not speak on his indonesian counterpart monte and act as a talented if the bad climbing at the same as fact the japanese economy i wonder what's running through the northwest pakistan reportedly ca
in disguise i am the action that i'd be out in the existing code and abstention taxes but now they fostered were still under the watchful eye of the wide body. it looks as though all played halfback and is nuts but it didn't upset but he couldn't issue a gag is a critique of a day to order before because the game racing game and a lot admit to having a cordial be ideally key jobs data supporting the term and condition at coolum was co winner the itf was suspended in december. one funny thing was kind enough to attend to them but that deal minute but he did this and stop thinking and education to whats next elections. at the end of this is not the ones might yet be a interesting that often better and even a precedent of the secret blog yes i'm that he would give it to you the supreme court on tuesday extended across to the upkeep of some of them the medics a broken right you the heading in to kiss a multibillion dollar investment fraud. this oughta keep appeared before the top four after spending the weekend on the address bar was taken into custody opted to give it a tortilla on friday citi
and the test understand that the international community i mean you can arrange that he is the tax they owe. then again giving up the demonstrators expressed hope that the us and uk would all guarantees to meet ukraine to be depressed in nineteen ninety four off to ukraine to develop the world's third largest uk weapons austin tx territorial integrity was supposedly a show there now says the us and uk to marinate on that promise. a georgia man accused of being a russian intelligence agent went on trial in istanbul on monday for his alleged involvement in the mother of six home and check to separatists killed in a wave of assassinations in technique two of them and both of them russian citizens are acknowledging being tried in absentee of the prosecutors said in his opening statement. thousands of chechens new kentucky and up to five million tux trace their roots the caucasus region which includes chechnya conflict in chechnya began in nineteen ninety four the sec to school but became an islamic insurgency dedicated to forming an islamic state in the caucasus . the psychological aspects of t
the wall for school this age has not been done he can send all of the wood to raise taxes not to be a killer for us to generate ongoing two in first the argument for rent by the end of december two thousand found in abundance or until filling up. people it's a bull in a way with the economic growth that we can produce movies that economic growth among which a stool point three when the new one point five to bring down when rates to people beyond belief all totaled at the time before so we don't believe the government's now lot of businesses is actually pretty popular here in tulsa steam tear in a set that money made by this somebody that he would make a good prime minister following the eu makes the chc"teau of people think of for us to make us high cuisine makes these can often compared to some pissy because he's well he's the minister of seeing an interior minister. he's also pretty tough on home anything that senate immigration for example. as silly he's also pulp mill within the deeds of the people didn't vote for a spot on that so that will be a smart move but i eat w
up reasons far i'm pre taxes on many would say excuse me but the united states that in fact do that though with the war in iraq and he's done it several times before. while the number of u s interventions and bombings of other nations goes into double digits. nielsen go back a long way but let's take a look at some of the most recent ones. almost fifteen years ago nato began bombing of what was and now the federal republic of you slide the hundreds of civilians died as result us drone campaign in yemen and pakistan has been ongoing for decades despite those countries repeatedly calling for the strikes and the converse or anti program has claimed found an alliance of civilian lives and begin to count the two thousand and three the united states invaded iraq claiming the country possessed weapons of mass destruction that was of course never proved and down. there was an and intervention in media an operation which ended in arranging change with former leader of the kiddos be lynched by mom to the satisfaction of and secondly state or a clinton and that leaves critics like polit
's creepiest post for yet another colossal drain of our tax dollars for nothing. either way it hit me and crossing the u s border anytime soon. we can smile or something to say hello to all who are watching tonight's the fact that by about eighty and played at the residence and before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now. tonight's again so they cast members of the cbs tv series criminal minds. pierre is a sneak peek of tonight's episode larry asks them about the statement made by the show's previous star mandy packing weekend landy said. both cooling the biggest mistake he's ever made was too unnatural i never thought doing the killing all these women every night every day a week after week year after year he was destructive to my old one person now the bishop of the pie little old clothes thank you that way. now as i said to mean that it's the nature of the show and defected real men and women to this job every day out of respect and lie in wait months to them as an actor my job is to portray them as clean and truthfully as possible. no this is the darkness
even been awake on taxes the stereo cabinet process it says to me to have leadership that does make you stay away from interrupting a name that can be treatments leopold who has been grabbing headlines here on the fourth year old former mayor of the crew of the caracas district of chicago. minutes before his arrest last week addressed the crowd the streets of the capital an elaborate on that and to whom must go the air. i have read. if i had. yet the target. all those who knew. when you read it you dear say that many people don't care about being fooled and sore and we can confuse who ran for president you feel about them. does this figure heads of the opposition. actually i understand them because people are not surprised since two. sonic and the nuclear deal in line with its overt in our history and it's actually punished us for some young people must like canned for anything that we can hide in the country for the twenty five thousand designs that were amended last year the way under thirty years old. that people may have to wait in queue in lines for hours the house lights started t
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